CCS is experienced in simulation, modeling, and application programming in most languages and specialized in FORTRAN, BASIC, Pascal, C, and assembler using DOS, Windows, OS/2, and Unix operating systems.

    CCS is experienced in AutoCAD, SAS, Oracle, Sybase, and Interbase applications.

    CCS has experience with many brands of personal computers and workstations.

    CCS supports Data General equipment and OEM equipment based on DG Eclipse™ and Aviion™ computers.  CCS supports Hewlett Parkard and Silicon Graphics platforms.

    CCS has designed, implemented, and validated models for optimal site locations of:

       1) Solid waste transfer and collection stations,

       2) Cooling water systems for nuclear and fossil fueled power generation.

    CCS owns and operates aircraft that do air route mapping, aerial photography, and training.

    CCS was formed in 1964 and incorporated in Maryland in 1992.

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